PISA formed a Honeynet team since 2007 and coordinate with City University of Hong Kong and IVE (Haking Wong).  Mr. Peter Cheung and Mr. Roland Cheung are invited to join the Honeynet Project annual workshop in Feb. In this sharing, they will introduce how the honeynet developed in other country and its future trend.




 Honeynet Workshop Sharing


 18 Apr 2009 (Saturday) 


 14:00 - 17:00


 P4902 (Academic Building) City University of Hong Kong


Open to PISA Members Only


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Email to registration@pisa.org.hk



Honeynet  Project members

Mr. Peter Cheung, Mr. Roland Cheung, & Mr. Alan Lam


Introduction of  Hong Kong Honeynet Chapter – Honeybird

Sharing of the Honeynet Workshop

Trend of the Honeynet Project & Hong Kong Chapter.

Security X Visualization

High Interaction Honeynet Analysis Tools

Malware collection by Nepenthes

Some capture IRC from honeypot

Reference :

Honeynet Project ( www.honeynet.org )

Honeynet Project Hong Kong Chapter ( www.honeybird.hk)


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